Baby to Toddler Essentials & Faves

Whether you are a mama to be or have a toddler like me these are what I consider the essentials and our favorites!


  • Shea Moisture Head to Toe Ointment
  • Wet Bag. Whether you are a cloth diaper or sposie mama, a wet bag is essential. I always carry an extra in my diaper bag just in case. They are perfect when attending the pool or the beach and even perfect when traveling. Since they are designed to keep moisture inside they are perfect for accidents, wet clothes, and anything that might “leak”.  We love our wet bags.
  • Fawn Diaper Bag
  • Covered Goods nursing and car seat cover
  • Tula Baby Carrier
  • Lulujo Swaddle blankets
  • Fisher Price Sit Me Up
  • Fisher Price Kick and Play Piano
  • O-ball
  • Baby swing or a Rock and Play. I wouldn’t suggest both, but having one is definitely an essential.
  • June and January bandana bibs
  • EzPz mini mat – Perfect for lunch or dinner on the go. It suctions to the table!
  • RePlay plates, bowls, and silverware. They are made from recycled milk jugs and are a favorite for around the house.
  • Banana Toothbrush
  • Jane and Jack toothpaste
  • SweeTooth ice cream teether. The scented one smells like heaven.

What are some of your faves and essentials? I’d love to hear, I’m always looking for new things to add to my list and to give a try!

XO – Taylar


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